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Summer Vacations Good for your Health


Are you taking a vacation this August?  Where we live, in Chicago, August is the perfect time to get out of town.  After camps are out and before the school year begins, many families flee the hot and humid city for cool lake breezes in cabins and lake houses across Michigan, Wisconsin and beyond.

We are heading to the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York! Have you ever been there?  It is breathtakingly beautiful.

Adirondacks 2010 184

My husband, Sam, grew up in Buffalo, NY and spent his childhood summers at his grandfather’s camp on Upper Saranac Lake.  Sadly, the camp was sold after his grandfather died in the early 90’s, but his family has kept up the tradition by renting a camp together for a week every summer.

I can’t wait for an entire week of lazy summer days, lounging on the pier, hiking a few mountains, water skiing (or in my case watching other people water ski), afternoon naps, eating fresh food we pick up daily at the roadside market and catching up with our Bodine relatives.   I’m planning to read this book and maybe this one, too!

I’m also looking forward to checking out this yummy looking place!   But mostly I will be found sitting right here!


I think everyone can agree vacations are good for our over-all health. We don’t need studies to tell us that!  It’s a time to decompress, get out of the routine and away from the bills, the work, the laundry, all of it! The only downfall might be that we eventually need to come back.

Are you heading anywhere this month?  I’d love to hear where you like to travel during the summer.

P.S. This made me laugh out loud!  And someday I would love to take Sam to The Point for a little getaway. Doesn’t it look fabulous? It’s the old Rockefeller Camp and is located adjacent to his grandfather’s old camp.